Privacy Policy

HomeSpectations will maintain confidentiality of the highest standard with respect to personal information received.


HomeSpectations only collects personal information that is necessary to provide a service or product. This information may include: Your name, address, age, phone number, e-mail address, Credit card information, government issued id (as required) and birth date and other information.


We ask you for information in order to provide our products and services to you and communicate with you as our client; to complete a transaction with you; and to process payment on your credit card, if necessary.

We will also collect Customer satisfaction comments and with permission use them on our website as testimonials of our service

Personal information gathered is maintained in our head office in Ottawa, Ontario.


HomeSpectations will not disclose personal information unnecessarily. We do not sell, barter, trade or exchange any of your personal information to any third party to enable them to market their products and services.

We may release your information to parties outside of HomeSpectations only in the following circumstances such as:

When required by law

When our suppliers, contractors or subcontractors are assisting us in serving you and only with your permission.

Where it is necessary to collect amounts owing to us

Web Site:

Our web site may from time-to-time contain links to other sites, which are not governed by this privacy policy. You may visit these sites at your own risk and should use caution when advised by your anti-virus program.