Life is Better than a Hotel Room

Whether you are looking for a short-term, corporate or vacation rental, we have your temporary housing needs. HomeSpectations offers:

  • premium rentals
  • at affordable prices
  • for flexible stays

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Hotels are not for everyone. Whatever your reason for coming to Ottawa, our home rentals allow guests to stay together, provides more flexibility including the freedom to cook your own meals, peace and quiet to get work done, the ideal place to entertain or just relax.

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Corporate Travellers:

When bringing your personnel to Ottawa, HomeSpectations delivers value in a superior accommodation experience. Learn more


Your family deserves the
home away
from home
Guests who stay with HomeSpectations are confident in knowing we are looking after their stay and have their comfort and security as a high priority. Learn more


Our properties are in prime locations in Ottawa. Relax in one of our furnished homes with the convenience of being close to all amenities including work, restaurants, theatres, hospitals, universities, colleges, major attractions and shops. Learn more

We also have access to a unique inventory of privately owned homes available for rent. These private homeowners work with HomeSpectations to offer a high standard in rental accommodations for the convenience, privacy and enjoyment of guests. Join our growing rental pool and turn your Ottawa area home(s) into a worry-free income opportunity. Learn more

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HomeSpectations creates opportunity through real estate by buying properties that fit a certain investment criteria. Private lenders who recognize the value of real estate are able to secure their loan through a mortgage on a property. Learn more

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Looking to Sell Your House? CASH, FAST, and on Your TERMS!

We buy houses and turn them into homes. At HomeSpectations we re-design homes for today’s modern living style. Learn more

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