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We personally select homes and match them to your booking criteria. These are mainly single family homes in residential neighbourhoods. Let us know your needs so you may book in confidence. Itís as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1:

Let us know your accommodation needs and dates required. Please complete and submit the form. If you already have a favourite, you may request this property for your new stay.

Step 2:

We will review your request and provide you with recommendations. This is more than having a database identifying your basic requirements. Our review takes into consideration the occupants, reasons for the stay and location. Our knowledge of the city helps us make the best selections for you.

Step 3:

We work together for a worry-free stay based on your needs. You feel confident about making the booking. Then sit back and relax until you move into a clean and comfortable home for your occupancy period.

Thank you for placing your trust in our over 30 years of rental experience.

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