Creating Opportunity in Real Estate

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HomeSpectations is always looking for properties to buy. These houses receive the HomeSpectations touch and are either re-sold or used as inventory for our rental business.

Private lenders can benefit by lending funds secured through a mortgage on a suitable property.

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio or to get higher interest rates, this may be a solution for you. We match lenders to specific properties for the optimum opportunity.

Note: We are not financial advisors and encourage you to consult with your financial planner to examine all the benefits and risks.

a $100,000
loan may earn
you $4,000
in 6 months

Your investment becomes a loan secured by real estate and fully insured with both Hazard and Title Insurance, providing you with piece of mind. Imagine making a short-term loan where you earn a guaranteed rate of interest, most likely higher than what your banking institution is able to offer.

As a private lender you are given a first or second mortgage that secures your legal interest in the property just as a protection. HomeSpectations evaluates each property, offering lenders to opt-in on a first-come basis. Loans are usually repaid in 9 - 12 months..